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Why the Change?

Our customers, our fans and our friends around the Crokinole Community all said the same thing. Things like:

”Everyone recommends Tracey Boards, NOT Crokinole Game Boards”

“No one loves Crokinole Game Boards; we love Tracey Boards!”

“Jeremy, why is your site called Tracey Boards???”

We finally listened and changed our logo AND our website.

Everyone in the Tracey Family loves this new logo and, MUCH more importantly, the Crokinole Community loves it too.

We moved our website from to so click over for the same awesome crokinole boards and customer service from the Tracey Family.

Official World Championship Builders

Used & trusted to determine the World Champion.

Hand-Crafted by Players, For Players

The Traceys are high-level NCA competitors.

Now Shipping Worldwide

Tracey Boards can ship almost anywhere

Quality Shipping Guarantee

Your board will arrive as beautiful as it leaves our shop.


Meet our amazing customers and their stories.
It’s all about the smiles!

"What a great game to bring friends and family together instead of being stuck in front of a screen.

I spent the money to get nothing but the best and I have no regrets. This board is going to be in the family for a very long time."

Edward Bakker

"Just a quick note to say I received the board and I LOVE IT!

Thank you so much, it's beautiful and plays like a dream. My very first shot I made a twenty, so I figure that's a good sign of things to come!"

Maradyn Wood

"Wow, just wow! There is something about your board that cannot be described.

It's the feeling you get when you first get something and are immediately proud to own it and completely satisfied, because you know it's top quality."

Daniel Vieu

"I bought the Cherry Leaf board and absolutely LOVE IT!

The quality is outstanding!! It's hands down WAY better than the first board I bought. Wish I'd have just bought one of the Tracey Boards to begin with."

Mark Harper

"The best board around. We call this "the fast board" because it is so smooth. Like glass. Very high quality. Solid.

When friends bring their other Crokinole boards around that aren't Tracey, we refer to them as "the slow board(s)".

Sean Greathouse

"I cannot speak more highly of the quality of my new Tracey Tournament Crokinole board.

I couldn't be happier with the decision - both to take the Crokinole plunge and to acquire such a high-quality tournament-grade board like the Tracey."

Steve Marano

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What Makes Tracey Boards Different?

Tracey Boards are meticulously handcrafted by seasoned Canadian Crokinole players who take great joy in sharing the game's excitement with others.

Beginning with premium, enduring materials, each board is constructed to meet the exacting standards of the National Crokinole Association. Every cut, sand, finish, and line undergoes rigorous inspection before it leaves our workshop. If it doesn't meet the high standards embraced by the world's top players, it doesn't get shipped. This has always been our commitment, and it always will be.

From the exquisite Canadian Maple playing surface to the precisely silk-screened lines, we are deeply passionate about creating a stunning Crokinole board that you'll proudly pass down to your children and grandchildren. It's not just built to last for generations, but it also offers a delightful, fast-paced gaming experience that will generate laughter and cherished memories for many years to come.